My greatest gift (ever)!

It’s scary how my mom somehow managed to know exactly my feeling sometimes. Especially in times like these, when we’re miles and miles apart, and when she knows that I’m on my lowest point ever.

I spent sleepless night last night. Did he care? Dont think so. Do I choose the wrong way? No one knows.

But then came this short message from her this morning. Tell me what exactly to do. Bout something that’s been jugling in my head all night. When I didn’t say a thing to her.

It makes me wanna cry though. To think that she’s right. But it’s just too hard for me.

Oh, how I love her. So much. Am glad to have her in my life.

I [heart] my Mom


3 thoughts on “My greatest gift (ever)!

  1. sicantik berkata:

    there’s always a season in our life… maybe it’s winter time for you nda… but surely the sun will come… heuheuheuhe

  2. YaNda berkata:

    @Ijul: We’ll see Bu. We’ll see…
    @Babay: Heigh, sejak kapan lu jadi emak gue Bay. Kok jadi lo yang terharu? Oke Pak, dikopi. Ntar gue link dek Babay.

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