devil inside the woman

I’m a hard woman to deal with, mister.

Have I told you that before? Have I warned you?

Once you’re with me you will not know what to do with me, mister.

That’s because.. Simply because.. I, my self, dont even  know what I want for me.

That’s a misery, mister. O yeah it is. The one that now I share with you.

I know it’s frustating, mister.

To be with such a complicated woman.

With ego fly up high. higher than it shud be.

With head tend to stick to the sky.

Cocky. Emotional. Dominant. Arrogant.

Always plan something in details. And always histerical when the details go wrong.

And you’re the one that always, ALWAYS, get the blame.

Such an intolerable young lady.

But that’s me, mister. ME. The whole package.

I dont know where the screw went wrong. I dont know how to fix this, or even where to begin.

But I could change, mister. For God Sake, I could.

And yeah, I Would.

I would rip off the package, if that would make you happy. I really would.

I hope you hang on with me, mister.

I know you’re getting tired with all the accusation. I know. Cause I do too.

But, please, hang on.

I’m getting there.
The Devil is slowly off of me.

Please, can I see you at the end at the road?

Please, would you wait?

Cause I’m getting there..


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