Yay Glee!

It wasnt love at the first sight, like when I fell for HIMYM. At first, it was just a group of weird characters with extremely shallow scenario doing lipsync and so-so coreography. Boring.

Later on, a friend of mine told me that the casts were actual Broadway Actors. So, it wasnt lipsync. hehehe.. That was the time I put a second thought about Glee and take it a little bit more serious.

My opinion changed. It was cool the way they brought old song into such a brand new one. the scenario was still so-so *according to my point of view ya*, but it’s getting better lah.

The songs are what amazed me more.

It is one of my favorite besides the Gold Digger and My Life Would Suck Without You (I like Glee’s version way more than Clarkson’s. hehehe). Enjoy..

so, are you a gleek?


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