week 34: a letter to our little miss

Sometimes I wonder,

How come..
This thin skin between you and I
Keep you so distant, when you’re centimeter close.

How come..
In this tiny belly of mine
You can grow, you can live, being perfected
bigger and bigger each time.

You won’t imagine
How happy we’re welcoming you
How grateful we’re that you choose us
How much we love you even before we meet you
How many times we whisper we miss you and can’t wait to hug you

When you’re so close. Yet so distant.

Grow big little us
Grow perfect, grow healthy.
We’ll meet you at the end of the journey.
The beginning of happy three.

Yaa bunayya ukhruj bidnillah
“Wahai Anakku, keluarlah atas ijin Allah”


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