2012 and 2012a.

2012 has been financially abusive to us. We manage to buy a house, a car, and buy my mom a house (which leaves bank account empty but our hearts full :))

On May, le husband got transferred to Jakarta. Yeiyeye owuowu Long Distance No More! and insists us to move to our own house at the very next week. Oke de. Off we go!

Kinanti first flight was on April to Palembang and September to Bali. Asik yaa, traveliing bersama bayi ituu (baca: mojrot).

Kinanti first birthday was held on my mom’s. Inviting families. Small and Warm (or it was intended to, till my mom deciced to have catering, bought many kinds of baloon, and bought tumblr as souvenir. Hihihi). The baby was a little bit confused. But it’s first birthday right, it’s held to celebrate the parent survived the fist year. hahaha.. It will be years till we held another birthday celebration for her. 🙂


Moreover, we are grateful for the health and happiness given during the year.

2012 rocks!

Move on to 2013. Let’s list some wishes.

1. To be able to open a hajj account, and hopefully get a seat on 2014.

2. To have my passion on work back. To have at least a target on it. (ambisi meluruh bersamaan dengan air ketuban)

3. To be less lazy (mandi, baca buku)

4. To have family vacation two times this year. Malang and Lombok.

5. To be able to finish breastfeeding, hopefully until 2 year.



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