5 years and 5 (+10) kilos later

So it’s another May 7. 5 years already.

The good thing about blogging is you get to have this pensieve about things you might forget few years later. I remember i wrote here that may 7, 2 years ago was celebrated by seeing fetus kinan on usg, and looking for a house. A year ago, were those busy days when we moved to our very own house. And this year, marks a month of his moving back to prabu. Back to square one?

No, i’m not gonna waste your time by telling how LDM sucks. You will never see me whining about it at my any social medias, i can assure you.

If anything need to be said, i will tell how i’m really proud of our little family dealing with this. I start counting on how much blessings i get, instead of crying on what got lost. A very supportive husband, the most wonderful baby in the world (of her mom), a very solid support system a working mother could’ve asked for. What’s need to be complained, then.

You know that mind tends to complicate things. And when you really have to deal with it, it turns out not as unbearable as you think it would be.

Happy five years, ayah. Thanks for always asking for my opinion as main consideration in every littlest decision made for this family. Thank you for not having those husband egos, it’s never about you, it’s always about what’s best for the family. Thanks for always making it easy for us.

Let’s beat another year, mate!


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